My parents

The most important people in my life obviously are my parents, without whom I wouldn't have been.
This is my mom Mom called Japke and here's a pict of my dad Dadcalled Leo.


My brother and sister

I have a brother, Michiel Michiel (here in '93 with his first daughter Anoeska) and a sister, Frouke Frouke (picture taken Easter '99).
Both are a little older than I am.
Michiel is married to Sylvia and they have two daughters; Anoeska and Pleun.
Frouke is married to Philippe and they have two sons; Sebastiaan and Laurens.



Chron means chronological. The rest of the pictures are in more or less the order they were made it. This also allows you to see the development. Specially where my nieces and nephews are concerned, since they are the ones that grow the most :)
Click on a year to see the pics from that era. So far there are pics in there from;

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1990 1992 1993 1994 1997 1998 1999