This part of the WWW I reserved for some of my friends.
If they drive a Mini you can find them here, else they'll be below.

As the list extends I'll merely post the link to their sites here, with a short description of what can be found there.

Name & site Description
Erna Real Life friend. No pix available yet...
Gerald Email and Real Life friend. Company and Fluidiom.
GT-Dudes Email and some Real Life friends.
Han Real Life friend. Personal page with some sports stuff.
Kiki Email and Real Life friend. I love her;
Martin Email and Real Life friend. Wien Tips (Vienna Tips).
Phil Email friend. Family page.
Rien & Ester Email and Real Life friends. Online diary, post production stories.
Stan(tasy) Email and Real Life friend. Part local page, Personal page & Oakhurst CA.

Some of the above weren't happy with just a simple link to their site. So here goes;

Curious if I'll ever mention you as a friend here ? Keep watching this s p a c e ! :)
Think you should be added ? Let me know.