In 1990 I worked for my former employee for a while again.
He had a courier-service and I drove one of his VW vans during the night-shift.

On Saturday march 17th I got into a rather nasty accident with it.
I'm still not sure what happened since I don't remember anything of the accident. Popular belief has it that I must have fallen asleep behind the wheel.
The good news is that other than some small scars and the pics there is nothing to remind me of the accident; I fully recovered from it. Also it was a 'one-sided' accident; only me, the van and a tree were involved.
The bad news is that although I was conscious when they found me, I did laps into a coma and woke up two days later. Also it took 3 month of revalidation to learn how to walk again and another 2 years before I had the last surgery.

Here is a newspaper-clipping Newspaper-clipping of the accident (in Dutch of course :).
Although it's not all to accurate, it describes how I hit the tree at high speed at 6am and it took 45 minutes for someone to find me.
The fire-department then needed another 20 minutes to cut me out of the wreckage that I was stuck in.
It also says I was rushed to hospital with broken legs, lower body and some internal wounds. As it turned out though I had a fractured thigh-bone, some bruised ribs, some cuts in my face and a light concussion.

This is what was left of the tree and the van.
As you can see I hit the tree on the left side; the drivers side.

Tree Knackerd Frontal Left side = Driver side
Tree Knackerd Frontal Left side = Driver side

When I was brought in the hospital they didn't quite know what was wrong with me yet so they took a whole range of X-rays of me, from head to toe.
They thought one of my toes had been broken too, but it turned out just the nail of it had died because of the huge impact on it.
As you can see in the X-Ray my left thigh had what is called a 'complicated fracture'; there was a piece missing in between.
They didn't find this piece during surgery, but it was encapsulated by the body and then slowly pushed out. When it was out far enough it was removed.
I still have that 'piece of me' somewhere...
BTW, the white things in my mouth are fillings.

Head Head Leg Foot
Head Head Leg Foot

To allow the bone to heal while I still would be able to walk on it, they inserted a RVS pipe/pen right down the marrow of the bone and secured it with screws at the top and bottom. As a result of this I could walk out the hospital, granted on two crutches, all by myself and start the revalidation.
The bone healed very fast, faster than they'd expected. The hard part though was learning to walk again. Due to the impact my muscles had 'forgotten' how to 'lock' my knee, so I would 'sink' through it every time. Nothing 3 months of physical therapy couldn't help though.
The pipe stayed in there for 2 years after which it was removed. So these days it's hard to tell there was ever anything wrong with me.
(Well, some say there still is :)

Pen Pen & Break Pen & Knee No Pen
Pen Pen & Break Pen & Knee No Pen


BTW, some people find it weird that I would be interested in all this stuff; the X-Rays and what they did to me etc.
Personally I can't help myself but to be curious, even if the cause for making these pics was not a happy one...