Lienz 2001

I'm not really into sports much. I don't really care for soccer, don't do any sports myself (and slowly but surely that's showing :), and only watch it occasionally.
Once a year though (and sometimes even more :) I do go out and pretend to be sportive.
Although I initially didn't think wintersports would be my cup of tea (I don't like iceskating for one), some 5 years ago I joined my mother, sister and her family to Brixen(A) and learned how to snowboard (the hard way; by falling down all the time, but always getting up again :)
Unlike I thought wintersports aren't about being cold and feeling miserable, but can be quite warm, and, depending on the company you're in, a lot of fun too.

Since that time I've hooked up with a group of Belgians (ok, so a couple of them have Dutch nationalities, you wouldn't be able to tell :), who hire an entire hotel up on a mountain somewhere. The last couple of years that was in Lienz in Austria.

The group consists of some 30 to 40 people (it varies each year), which means that there are always people around who want to do what you do and (also important :) at the pace you like to do it. As we basically got the hotel for ourselves it also means we can don pretty much whatever we want at night. So instead of the obligatory 'apres-ski-bars' (filled with loud Dutch people :), we hang out at the hotel.

In short; it's been great every single time I've joined them and always look forward to the next year.
Below are some (not to high quality :P) pix of the people I get to spend my time in the snow with. These are from Lienz in 2001 (the last time we were there).

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Gearing up Katrien Kenneth, Nico, ???
Kim, Inez, Thomas, Maithe


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View.. ..from the... hotel Lunch @ Hotel Another View


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Here come...
the drinks
Saskia, (Laurens), Kenneth, Tom, I, Vic, Carin, Eric, Philippe, Jos, Frouke, (Sebastiaan) & Tine Laurens, Kim, Aida & Sebastiaan Kenneth & Tom


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Saskia & Tom Vic likes me :) Kim & Aida Eric & Philippe


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Nico, (Inez,) & Kim
Waiting for the Race
Going strong... ...winner! Saskia, Tine, Carin, Katrien & Vic
(still) like me :)