Open House

To celebrate the opening of our new offices in A'dam a party was organised together with two companies that we share a floor with.
The office, next to the obvious desks etc has some relaxation areas, of which the bar is the most prominent one.
Below you can see the pix of the event and incase you missed it get an impression of what you missed.
It also shows that we are a very close team at Finalist and that some of us are let out more than others :)

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Bart... ...a customer Michael & Fiancee
(not his :)
Edit in the bar Mike


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Okke & Melle Edith, Manon, Elise & Anne 'hanging out'
(Onno to the right)
Mike & Patricia
(a relation, not merely Mike's though :)
The Dance section
before we got there


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Relax Keep the grass short Welcom to the bar Relax 2
Melle & Onno
Mell & Marnix


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She doesn't work for us does she ? He does... ...Melle Mike & Andy Michael at a bar


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Mike getting
(Edwin, Mike, Melle)
down with
(Andre, Mike lapdancing Sander)


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Sander & Edith Henk, Sander & Edith Girl behind the bar
getting down with it