X-Mas 2000

To get into the Christmas-spirit the company invited all of us and our partners for a getogether at the Party Company's Eccentric Club in Amsterdam.
OK, so this doesn't have much to do with the Christmas-spirit as such. Point is we enjoyed ourselves, got to meet some of the faces behind some of the new names and basically had a ball (did I already mention we enjoyed ourselves ? :)

From the Rotterdam' offices a bus took us to Amsterdam where it was 'only a short walk' in the bloody cold to the Eccentric.
During the evening a couple of artists (some of whom were well known by some of us) performed what you could call a floor-show or variety-show.

You'll have to excuse me for not really remembering what the floor-show was all about. Between eating, talking to my colleague's and their partners and taking a couple of pictures for some of my colleague's who, even after consumption of quite some alcohol, were not bold enough to take them themselve(s), I had little time left to really focus on the story at hand. There was some dead guy involved, all the showgirls were into this one character and another guy was into one of the showgirls (and I'm only talking about the artists here, not the odd spectator that was 'into the showgirls' too :). That's about the size of it I think.

As always the evening passed way too quickly. So back into the cold and to the bus it was. Well, for those of us heading back to Rotterdam anyway, not sure what the other bunch did.  Most of us behaved very well on the way back :) Back at the office some had planned ahead and brought sleepinggear to spend the night there. Others just stayed 'for a while' and after a healthy anti-hangover-snack (too late for some of us :) we killed the time a bit by playing lan-games.
And yes, some of these can be so addictive that before you know it it's time to go to work again. Luckily we were already there :)

Anyway, below are the pictorials, with some comments from my hand.
Some of the pictures were withheld to protect the innocent.
Unfortunately none of the pictures I'm in qualified as such, so be warned!
Hope they give a good impression of the fun we had.


xmas0001.jpg (51951 bytes) xmas0002.jpg (56502 bytes)
Mike taking... ...a crap ?


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Bit crowded, no ? Let's sit... ...and eat Let the show begin! Nice costume Melle's angel ?


xmas0010.jpg (51051 bytes) xmas0011.jpg (44561 bytes) xmas0012.jpg (31009 bytes) xmas0013.jpg (69738 bytes) xmas0014.jpg (44277 bytes) xmas0015.jpg (51433 bytes)
Okke (right :)
getting down
JL Showing
how it's done
Me copying him Melle needs no lead Elise gets her man Marielle gets hers


xmas0016.jpg (52500 bytes) xmas0017.jpg (37428 bytes) xmas0019.jpg (68924 bytes) xmas0021.jpg (47133 bytes) xmas0022.jpg (50730 bytes) xmas0023.jpg (36339 bytes)
Showgirls get theirs... ...and 'work him over'... ...being carefully watched Marnix & Michael have other interests
(Michiel wonders what)
Kissing 101 Marcel & Partner
fully in sync


xmas0024.jpg (45225 bytes) xmas0025.jpg (41801 bytes) 001.jpg (60034 bytes) 002.jpg (58958 bytes) 003.jpg (53284 bytes) 004.jpg (57385 bytes)
Melle's in love So's Manon...
...with the devil ?
Showgirls get
feet off the floor
We don't quite follow Will & Jonathan (right)
have something in common
Melle keeps eye on his new found love


005.jpg (50710 bytes) 006.jpg (43407 bytes) 007.jpg (46586 bytes) 008.jpg (61171 bytes) 009.jpg (20797 bytes) 010.jpg (52350 bytes)
Marcel & Vincent
are still going strong
Me; creep, between Susanne & Henriette; two lovely ladies Mr. vd Elst dancing
(I know, it's a cop out :)
Sander drinking
Showgirls still have feet off the floor Edwin's happy
(and probably blind now)
Kolja almost starts swinging


011.jpg (50609 bytes) 012.jpg (41750 bytes) 013.jpg (46044 bytes) 014.jpg (63582 bytes) 015.jpg (33294 bytes) 016.jpg (56425 bytes)
ShowGirl is Susanne about to get bitten by...
Dracula ? Zombie ?
Nice picture ! Getting ready for Final Someone's in love
(and it's not a she :)
Sander winding down, watched by
'grandpa' (left)


017.jpg (41296 bytes) 018.jpg (44842 bytes) 019.jpg (53854 bytes) 020.jpg (63986 bytes) 021.jpg (45592 bytes) 022.jpg (42050 bytes)
Showgirls winding down, watched by... Me (still creepy :) and again two lovely ladies. Time to head out as the artists undress.. ..relax.. ..and start gossiping about... you know who :)

Ze End