My House sort of in the middle of the street :)
It's in 'downtown' Zaltbommel
I bought this house back in 1997, after I had to vacate the apartment I was renting till then.
So together with the bank, it's all mine ! :)
Here are just some views of it;

The house itself was build in 1980, some of the houses next to it are a couple of centuries older.

Wrong Way Right Way


Welcome Hall

After you enter the hall, the livingroom is to the right/back.
(Please don't mind the mess :)

Live- in room

From the livingroom I have a great view of the Tower of Zaltbommel.

Tower of Zaltbommel

Keeping to your right you enter the 'hald-open' kitchen, which is at the front.

Half-Open Kitchen

Walking up the stairs there is another level.
This is where the 'master-bedroom', my bathroom and spare room, now my play-room are.

Sweet Dreams Wash up Work & Play

At the back, there is a small garden. I'm not much of a gardener though, so you might say there's a small wildernis there now :),
with a small shed and a gate around the back.


Walking around the back there is a small park, which gives this view of the back of my house.

Back at Night Back in Daytime Park with a view

End of tour