My previous Apartment

From about '92 till '97 I rented an apartment in 'downtown' Zaltbommel
In 1997 I had to vacate the apartment and bought my current house.
The apartment as such does not exist anymore. After I'd moved out the inside was torn out an reconstructed.
Here is a small tour. It doesn't show my (small) bedroom and the (again small) courtyard I had.

hal_2.jpg (99421 bytes) keuken_2.jpg (112159 bytes) hal_3.jpg (105309 bytes)
Enter... Cat in the Kitchen Hall


keuken_3.jpg (106521 bytes) cmphok.jpg (120106 bytes) mich_anoes93.jpg (111960 bytes)
Cat still in the Kitchen Puter corner Livingroom
(with brother & niece :)


keuken_1.jpg (96739 bytes) hal_1.jpg (102454 bytes)
At Night ?


This is what it looked like when I had to evacuate because of high-water warnings;

hw_keuken_1.jpg (99411 bytes) hw_hal_1.jpg (97541 bytes) hw_kamer_1.jpg (91342 bytes) hw_keuken_2.jpg (99112 bytes)
Kitchen Puter corner Livingroom Kitchen
(with Brother-in-Law)

End of tour