In work for a company called Finalist, a company specialized in acquiring as I call it; 'bleeding edge technologies' and implementing these in applications for our customers. My job there consist out of developing applications and a bit of consulting, as well as running the R&D department on a daily basis.
The company has offices in several cities in the Netherlands and will be expanding worldwide too. I work at the R'dam offices.

Apart from the work being interesting and challenging, I get to work with a bunch of very nice colleague's that are also a lot of fun to hang out with outside of the workplace.

As such we at times get together for what are called BYOCG's made a trip to Barcelona together, simply enjoyed ourselves at an open house party we held at our new offices in A'dam, had a ball at the 2000 X-Mas getogether and (hold on to your seats :) spend a weekend in New York (yep, the one in the US :) in March.

I guess you all want to come work for us now :)