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Welcome to 'Anne Central'.
The site most likely will always be Under Construction and is Powered by Caffeine & Nicotine

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This is your basic 'Hi this is me, and this is my car' kind of site.
If you just happened to stumble on this page, it's not too late to hit the back-button to get out of here.

If you on the other hand want to get to know me a little better, you're welcome to browse this site and contact me.
This page itself is mostly for people who already know me or who want to put a face to a name.
And, of course, there's some stuff for all you Mini-nuts out there :)

Here is What'sWhatsNew since last time...

There are two basic section to this site:

Personal and My Mini
Personal   My Mini

In the 'Personal' section you'll see some pictures of me and related stuff.
In the 'My Mini' section you'll get to see loads of pictures of My Mini, current and past and pictures from all kinds of Mini meetings I've been to.
To contact me send an email to the webmaster or info of this domain (

I've tried to keep the site as bandwidth-friendly as possible for those who have better things to do than wait till x-mas for pictures to get downloaded, but also to give those who want to a full-blown experience.