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  NOTICE! The old 'Anne Central' site has ceased to exist. NOTICE!
It has been split and merged into my two other sites.
4th April 2008 Yes it has been 5 years since any major update
I've moved, now with Kiki, to a new place since then
Reason for this entry is to test the move of the website to another server.
2 July 2003 Trying to redeem myself here (two entries in one week)
I've moved in with Kiki.

1 July 2003 Whow! Has been more than a year since anything new was to be found here ?!
Will have to correct that in the near future.
For now, have a look at the addition of my (motor)bike collection :)

XT 600 Tenere
19 Jun 2002 Added pix of the family Ascension Day weekend Ascension Day
7 May 2002 Added pix of Ski holiday in Lienz in 2001 (Yes, that's 2001 :) to the Me-section Lienz
5 May 2002 Added report of my meet & greet with 'A Californian in Austria' to the Me-section A Californian in Austria
13 Apr 2002 Updated site for Kiki and referred to it on the Personel and Friends page.

Updated MIBV.
MIBV's WhatsNew
6 Feb 2002 Updated MIBV. MIBV's WhatsNew
9 July 2001 Updated MIBV.
Added 'Characteristic' picture of me to Me-section :)
MIBV's WhatsNew
Me (2001)
13 May 2001 Updated MIBV. MIBV's WhatsNew
9 Apr 2001 Added report of weekend in New York. New York
2 Apr 2001 Updated Friends page. Friends
13 Feb 2001 Updated MIBV. MIBV's WhatsNew
5 Jan 2001 Added report of company X-Mas party.
Updated MIBV.
Added Kiki to Personal-Friends-section.
X-Mas 2000 'Office' Party
MIBV's WhatsNew
16, 20 & 30 Nov
12 Dec 2000
Updated MIBV. MIBV's WhatsNew
12 Sept 2000 Added reports of the NMM of 1998 and 2000
Added links to MiniDemise.mpg (BBC item on the demise of the Mini) to the 'Ze Mini(tm)' page.
Ze Mini(tm)
6 Sept 2000 Added Place Of Work as well as small report (with lots of pix :) of last officeparty to the Personal section. Work
3 Sept 2000 Added link to Toni von Rotz IMM 2000 site to tthe IMM 2000 page. IMM 2000/NorthCape
30 Aug 2000 Added report of the BYOCG-TTO II on my other site. BYOCG-TTO II
27 July 2000 Added results of Emode DIY tests to Test-page in the Personal-section. Test
22 July 2000 Added results of Emode DIY tests to Personal-section. Test
17 July 2000 Added page on stuff that's fixed on my Mini.
Added links to other IMM 2000 sites to the IMM 2000 page.
IMM 2000/NorthCape
8 July 2000 Added temporary 'mirror' for SCI's Italian Job game trailer to mibv.com. (29Mb !) IT_Job.exe
7 July 2000 Added Carin to the Mini-Friends-section. Carin
3 July 2000 Added report of the IMM 2000/NorthCape trip. IMM 2000/NorthCape
29 June 2000 Added link to my trip to Barcelona in Feb. 2000.
Did some maintenance work.
28 June 2000 Added WAV of test-project for Rien's Voice Project in the Personal-section. Personal
23 June 2000 Added scans of newspaperarticles and IMM documents to IMM 2000 section. IMM 2000 NewsPaper
25 May 2000 Added page on my Brussels - London - Brighton run BLB 2000
17 May 2000 Added page of my previous apartment in the Personal-section Apartment
10 May '00 Added Stephan's Cooper to the For Sale page in the Mini-section. 4Sale
9 May '00 Updated IMM 2000 page in the  Mini-Events-IMM-section IMM 2000
7 May '00 Updated Manon's page
Added Seven Centre Mei Rit to Mini-Events-section
Mei Rit
1 May '00 Added pictures to the Personal-Me-Section Me
29 Apr '00 Updated Dorien's page Dorien
25 Apr '00 Re-arranged page and added Dorien to the Mini-Friends-section Dorien
15 Apr '00 Added Manon to the to Mini-Friends-section
Updated the Personal-Friends-section
13 Apr '00 Added page on the (coming) IMM 2001 in PettenBach (OB), Austria to the  Mini-Events-IMM-section.
Added Gomez to Dave's page.
Updated Loonybin's page.
IMM 2001
6 Apr '00 Added report of trip to San Francisco, CA June '99 in the Personal-Vacation-section SF June 1999
1 Apr '00 Added page on Ze Mini(tm) to the  Mini-section Ze Mini(tm)
26 Feb '00 Added pics of Boris's Porsche Porsche
1 Feb '00 Added the 23rd of Jan edition to the  Mini-Events-STV-section STV on the 23rd Januari 2000
8 Nov 1999 Added page on the (coming) IMM 2000 in Saariselka, Finland to the  Mini-Events-IMM-section IMM2000
4 oct 1999 Added page of my house in the Personal-section House
3 oct 1999 Added report of Mini Week '99 (IMM + Mini 40) to to the  Mini-Events-IMM-section IMM99/Mini40th
27 sept 1999 Added Real Media files of DSF's MIni 40 transmission to Mini @ 40 page Mini @ 40
19 sept 1999 Added page on the city I live in; Zaltbommel, to the Personal-section. Zaltbommel
14 sept 1999 Added smaller version of (public) preview of Mini-week '99 report to come. (AVI) IMM99/Mini40th
12 sept 1999 Added (public) preview of Mini-week '99 report to come. (AVI) IMM99/Mini40th
5 sept 1999 Added Bruce's Model-photot-session to his page Bruce Kennedy
1 sept 1999 Added Jeroen's aireal-pics of Mini @ 40 Mini @ 40
4 aug 1999 Added MKIV Marcos to the 4Sale page in the Mini-section 4Sale
2 Aug 1999 Updated Loonybin's page (New Mini Team Bonaire info, New sponsor info)
Added 4Sale page to Mini-section
27 Juli '99 Added Ge Jannssen's pix to Mini-MMM-events pages. MMM-BBQ
4 Juli '99 Added 1990 accident to Personal-section Accident
3 Juli '99 Added picture to Boris Rebuild project Boris Rebuild
8 June '99 Report of MLM 4-6 June 1999 MLM Francorchamps
3 June '99 Added _DP()  to Mini-Friends-section
Added XT 500 page to Personal-section
XT 500
2 June '99 Updated MLM 4-6 June 1999 page
Added Mojo to Mini-Friends-section
Updated Loonybin's page
MLM Francorchamps
27 May '99 Added Andy 'from Belgium' to Mini-Friends-section
Added MLM 4-6 June 1999 to Mini-Events-section
Andy 'from Belgium'
MLM Francorchamps
23 May '99 Added some pictures of myself to the Personal-section Me
21 May '99 Added Games to Mini-section Games
12 May '99 Added my cat Poochie to the Personal-section Poochie
11 May '99 Updated Personal-section added Family Personal
22 Apr '99 Added IMM/40th sponsors to Loonybin's page Loonybin
2 Apr '99 Added pix of the burglary Burglary
28 Mar '99 Added the 28th of Mar edition to the Mini-Events-STV-section
Added the STV to the Mini-Events-section
STV on the 28th March 1999
24 Mar '99 Added 'Loonybin' to Mini-Friends-section Loonybin
17 Mar '99 Updated my 'other' site a bit.
Added some more pix of Jeroen's FlipFront.
Added Boris's Rebuild project pix.
Added L2B, IMM and 40th to Mini-Events-section
FlipFront Detail
Boris's Rebuild
13 Mar '99 Added Jeroen(/Erwin)'s FlipFront to Mini-Friends-section FlipFront
10 Mar '99 Added the MMM3 page(s). MMM3
22 Feb '99 Did some maintenance work. Mini-link page
8 Feb '99 Added David Cushman to the Mini-Friends-section David Cushman
5 Feb '99 Converted large sizes of last added pictures to max 640 width  
  Changed Logo of Mini Parts 's Hertogenbosch on Mini-link page Mini-link page
29 Jan '99 Created Friends-section in Personal-section
Added Arnold to the Personal-Friends-section
Added Robert to the Mini-Friends-section
Added Thijs to the Mini-Friends-section

19 Jan '99 Added Stantasy worshipping page. Stantasy
13/14 Jan '99 Added pictures of my Jet Black after crash with a deer.
Added Boris's page to Mini-friends pages.
Added Mini-MLM page to Events section.
Did some maintenance work.
Added What's New page.