Me 2000


We're now getting a bit closer to this day and age.
In Feb. of that year the company in work for, Finalist,   invited us to a weekend in Barcelona.

In March it was time for me to go skiing again. It was my 3rd ever and the 2nd in a row with the a group of Belgians (although some have the Dutch nationality :) called the 'Valentinekes'. Now while I say skiing I actually mean snowboarding; never learned how to ski. Still not good enough at snowboarding either so I took classes from Peter SkiVerlof00_1.jpg (124355 bytes), together with a small group SkiVerlof00_2.jpg (207347 bytes) of girls/women. What can I say ? We had fun :)

The weekend of the 21st of May the famous London 2 Brighton annual Mini Run was held.
I've done this run back in 1993. Together with a reunion of my friends of the above mentioned ski-trip and the visit of a collegue of mine who lives in London, this gave the perfect excuse for a Brussels-London-Brighton run.

In June, after a short-break with the family in the south of the Netherlands, I was off to the IMM and the North Cape.



First pix of this year are from a ski-holiday in Austria mvc-008s_small.jpg (1068 bytes).

This is a pict made for our internal site at the office.
As I thought it is one of the few pictures where I actually look decent I slapped it on here :) office.jpg (38573 bytes)
Talking about the office, this wtc_dwn_small.jpg (1656 bytes) is where we went with the company in March :)

And this is what some consider to be characteristic of me too.
It's nice to know people in far away places think of me,
not sure if I should take it as a compliment though :) annebin.jpg (34593 bytes)



Early 2002 (well, it was March already :) I went snowboarding Fügen.
Not mainly to snowboard, but to meet Stan the Man. Mini_SnowBoard_small.jpg (1117 bytes)

It's a tradition I like; during the Ascension Day weekend the family goes places together.