Test Me

At one point I ran into a site with all kind of tests; www.emode.com.

Although I don't put too much value in their outcome, I just love these kinds of test.
But other then in women's magazine's (yes I read those too at times :) you don't find them around much.
So when I stumbled onto emode I went into sort of a test-frenzy :)

Below are the results of the tests I've done so far.
Overall they give a good 1st impression and might give you a bit of an 'insight' in me.
Keep in mind though that they do have their limitations; some were directed at women specifically
(but that didn't stop me and no,that doesn't mean the sex-change has already been sceduled :)
and in other cases the questions asked were either outside of the realm of my experience
(IOW; there was no 'right' anwser for me) or I didn't understand the question (not even after looking up the word).

Test name:

Are You an Open Book?

Are You Ready to be a Mom?

Are You Afraid of Success?

Are You Fit to Commit?

Are You Loony?

Are You a Fair-Weather Friend?

Are You a Flirt?

Are You a Grudge Holder?

Are You a Risk Taker?

Are You a Situation Maker or Taker?

Are You Sure You're You?

Do You Love the Spotlight?

Are You Ready to Meet Your Maker?

Are You a People Pleaser?

Do You Feel for Others?

Emotional IQ Test new_tiny.gif (144 bytes)

How High Are Your Expectations?

How Honest Are You?

How Motivated Are You?

How Much Do You Blush?

IQ Test

Optimism/Pessimism Test

Social Tendency Test

The Emode Personality Test

What's Your Emotional Age?

What's Your Fashion Sense?

What's Your Self Esteem?

Are You a First Date Disaster? new_tiny.gif (144 bytes)

How Low Will You Go for a Date? new_tiny.gif (144 bytes)

Suave-o-meter new_tiny.gif (144 bytes)

The Casanova Test new_tiny.gif (144 bytes)

The Marriage Crystal Ball

The Love Test

The Sex God Test

Are You a Natural Leader? new_tiny.gif (144 bytes)

Are You a Workaholic? new_tiny.gif (144 bytes)

The Dot-Com Test new_tiny.gif (144 bytes)

What Kind of Reporter Are You? new_tiny.gif (144 bytes)

Workplace Stage Fright new_tiny.gif (144 bytes)

Anxiety Test new_tiny.gif (144 bytes)

Eat to Live or Live to Eat new_tiny.gif (144 bytes)

Body Image new_tiny.gif (144 bytes)

What's Your Stress Limit new_tiny.gif (144 bytes)

What's your body language telling him? new_tiny.gif (144 bytes)

Who's My Type? new_tiny.gif (144 bytes)

The tests come under different names and also move around the categories a bit.
The above names might help you find them though.
If (when, I covered mist I think :) I take more of these tests, I'll post the results here too, so watch this s p a c e.

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